private label tanning oil

Private Label Tanning Oil Hot Sell Glow Natural Organic Brown Shimmering Tanning Oil

Add ingredients that can make the skin shiny. After drying, it will be more shiny than that. It is highly recommended. This oil can be used by both men and women.
Product Name       Tanning Oil
 Feature  Sunscreen, Waterproof, Long lasting, very smooth, and fine                    


 Color  Multi-colors for choosing
 Skin Type  All skin type 
 Free sample  Free for testing
 Supply Type  OEM/ODM

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Please apply evenly before exposure to the sun, generally 30-120 minutes, novices begin to take less time, and slowly increase the time, If you swim, use excessive sweating or a towel after wiping. This product is waterproof for about 90 minutes. If you want to repeat the application, you can do it according to the situation.

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