safflower oil

Custom Formula Wholesale Safflower Petal Hair Body Essential Oil

The main effects of safflower oil on the skin: remove dark circles, remove eye bags, remove eye lines, remove pregnancy lines, lighten spots, and promote skin growth.
Essential oil versions of safflower are the distilled or pressed versions of the petals and flowering parts of the plant. Despite the name, these don’t have the oily texture that cooking oil versions do. Pure essential safflower oil must be diluted before applying to your skin. 
Manufacturers of skin care products can customize products according to your requirements. Essential oils can be compounded or 100% pure natural essential oils.
Essential oils of different plants are all supported for sale. If you have essential oils of interest, you can send an inquiry to us

The oil of safflower is rich in main lipids and has the characteristics of softening and moisturizing the skin, making it a commonly used ingredient in the beauty industry, especially in facial care products. Unrefined safflower oil is rich in essential fatty acids and a considerable degree of vitamin E. It is also a natural sunscreen ingredient. Generally speaking, it can filter up to 20% of sunlight rays

By improving skin blood circulation, promoting skin metabolism, removing free radicals, inhibiting melanin deposition, accelerating depigmentation, absorbing ultraviolet rays, etc., it exerts the effects of whitening, sun protection, and anti-aging, and is effective against contact dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis, pruritus, Neurodermatitis has a therapeutic effect;
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