serum stick
Face Serum

Wholesale Moisturizing Solid Serum Stick

Solid serum stick, long-lasting moisturizing, nourishing the skin. Multifunctional use, imported raw materials, advanced formula technology.
Ligh-weight & small, hydrate the skin anytime.  
Multiple Use 
Multi-functional use as normal serum, and because it is a liquid, it is very suitable for use when fixing makeup. It is used to increase the moisture of the skin without destroying your beautiful makeup
Long-last Hydration
5D patent hydrating ingredient: xylitolhydrates and smooth the skin all the day. 5D patent hydrating ingredient, triple hydration, instant & long-lasting hydration, boosting skin barrier’s function, restoring soft skin.
Oil & water hydrating ingredients
forms double protective film to lock water.
Innovative technologies
Innovative water-oil emulsification system to create a solid rather than liquid essence

Xylitol (French Patent)
Xylitol is a human body's own substance and will not cause allergic reactions after skin contact. The raw materials for the production of xylitol are taken from natural green plants, mainly prepared from corn cobs and birch bark. It has the same moisturizing effect as glycerin, but the viscosity of xylitol is low, and the degree of fusion with other ingredients is high. Compared with glycerin raw materials, it has a refreshing feeling, and has the effect of moisturizing and improving rough skin.
Squalane (France Imported, French Patent, ECOCERT approved)
Restoring skin barrier, preventing from the bad environment, promoting skin immunity. It can form a breathable and permeable protective film on the skin surface. Squalane is a lipid that is very close to human sebum and has a strong affinity. Therefore, it can be combined with human sebum when used to form a natural protective barrier on the skin surface. It also has antioxidant activity, so it can inhibit skin lipid peroxidation, penetrate into the skin, and promote the growth and reproduction of skin basal cells. It has obvious effects on improving and eliminating chloasma and delaying skin aging.
Herbal Selaginella  (Korea Imported) 
Strong repairing effect, long-lasting hydrating ability, improving fragile skin barrier. It can enhance the skin's cell vitality and metabolism, activate and regenerate skin cells, enhance the antioxidant properties of skin cells, reduce skin redness, fight rashes, accelerate wound healing and tissue repair, and slow down the aging of dermal fiber cells It can increase the amount of collagen production in aging cells by 36%, solve the problem of skin absorption from the root, and reshape the moisturizing function of the skin.
Tahiti Monoi Oil ®A.O.(France Imported)
Good absorbency to skin, relieving, softening, moisturizing and firming skin, repair and anti-allergy.
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