Silicone Facial Cleaner
Facial Cleansing Brush

Skin Brush Cleanser Foaming Cleaner Silicone Facial Cleaner

Foam soft and tight, neat, uniform size, no residue of cleaning liquid. 1265 skin silicone strips to improve the comfortable and cleanliness.

Manual frothing is time-consuming and laborious, and poor quality of foaming. Manual frothing is time-consuming and laborious, and poor quality of foaming. When the hand is not clean, it will also cause two pollution, and the average repetition of the ring is more than 20 times before it can see a small amount of foam, and it takes time and effort.

Pattern selection Soothing and cleaning, sound wave through skin, relaxing massage to meet the daily cleaning requirements of different skin quality.
Intelligent control time 90 seconds intelligent start and stop, file position memory function, one button to enable control time.
Adjustable acoustic frequency 10000 times / minute sonic cleansing, 5 speed adjustable, from weak to strong, switch, sound and transparent skin.
Ripple massage Relax facial skin, promote blood circulation, relieve fatigue, and promote the absorption of maintenance products. Let the skin be more slippery and delicate, radiate natural luster.

The fully foamed small-molecule milk foam can penetrate deep into the skin pores, encapsulate dirt, mites, dust, cosmetic residues, etc., and take them away under the action of external sound waves. Achieve sufficient cleansing, reduce acne, and comprehensively improve the status of dark yellow skin, large pores, and poor absorption.
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