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Wholesale Intensive Whitening Bar Gluta Kojic Ultra Soap Kojic Acid Skin Lightening Soap Bar

The combination of two whitening ingredients, kojic acid and glutathione, intensive whitens and brightens skin.
Cold processing is relative to the hot melt method used in industrial soaps. In addition to heating and melting solid oils into liquids, there is no need for high-temperature heating during the soap-making process, so the natural vitamins and nutrients contained in vegetable oils and other additives can be retained to the greatest extent. Good skin care products.

The effects of glutathione: anti-aging, inhibit melanin
Even better, the effect of glutathione can also help anti-aging and inhibit the formation of melanin. Because glutathione has a strong antioxidant effect and can help promote collagen production, it can make the skin have a translucent glow and restore The soft and elastic touch, coupled with the effect of glutathione, has a dual mechanism for regulating the formation of melanin. It can inhibit the formation of melanin during the day, so that our skin is not easy to tan, and it can effectively repair the sunburned skin at night, so The whitening effect of glutathione is significantly better than that of vitamin C. The main component of whitening needles commonly used in medical aesthetics clinics is glutathione, which has become the new one of beauty who wants to whiten quickly and effectively.
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