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Sunscreens play a role of sun protection through inorganic and organic active ingredients, mainly to prevent sunburn, prevent photoaging. wholesale sun cream, support oem/odm sunscreen products.

Sunscreen refers to cosmetics that add sunscreens that block or absorb ultraviolet rays to prevent skin from being tanned or sunburned. According to the principle of sunscreen, sunscreen can be divided into physical sunscreen and chemical sunscreen.
Sunscreen needs to choose products with different SPF or PA values ​​according to specific objects to achieve the purpose of sun protection. The principle of sunscreen is to isolate the skin from ultraviolet rays. The main difference between sunscreen and sunscreen is the physical properties. The general moisture content of creams is about 60%, which looks more "thick" and creamy; while the emulsion, which has a water content of more than 70%, looks relatively rare. fluidity. In general, lotions are refreshing than creams because the water content is relatively high, but formulators can still use different oily ingredients and thickeners to adjust the "greasy" degree of creams.

Ideally, sunscreen should be used after cleansing and before makeup, to ensure that it adheres closely to the skin cells that need protection. But in practice, basically after the daily skin care steps, you can apply sunscreen, and then make up your daily makeup. However, like normal skin care products, sunscreens require a certain amount of time to be absorbed by the skin, so sunscreen should be applied 10 to 20 minutes before going out.
Apply sunscreen should cover the neck, chest, arms, ears (parts that are particularly easy to be forgotten and particularly vulnerable to sunburn), and any other exposed parts.
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