turmeric skin care

Turmeric Anti-acne, Anti-aging, Anti-aging And Brightening Series Collection

Turmeric series, brighten skin tone, reduce wrinkles, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, promote wound healing, and can promote skin metabolism.
With powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, whitening and skin-lightening effects, plant ingredients can inhibit melanin synthase tyrosinase more effectively than kojic acid, licorice root extract and vitamin C as natural decolorants.
Turmeric can inhibit the production of melanin, improve freckles and scars. In addition, turmeric can also regulate the skin, help skin metabolism, anti-wrinkle and moisturize. Not only that, turmeric also has anti-inflammatory and bacterial properties, which can help sensitive, acne and acne muscles to improve skin texture

This skin care series is based on turmeric as the main raw material. Turmeric has a strong antioxidant effect, can capture free radicals and resist skin oxidative aging. At the same time, turmeric has excellent anti-inflammatory effects. It is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory for skin inflammation, swelling, acne, etc. , And can promote wound healing, it is a very good cosmetic raw material, if you are interested in making turmeric products, you can also add a mud mask or facial mask to expand the entire skin care product.
Main Products          Turmeric Toner Spray     100ml
Turmeric Gel Cleanser   100ml
Turmeric Facial Oil        30ml
Turmeric Serum          30ml
Tumeric Cream           50ml
OEM/ Private Label   Available
Function Anti-aging, Anti frecles, Mosturizing, Maintains skin balance                                                                                
statement: PH Balanced
Paraben Free
Not tested on animals
For all skin types
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