wholesale coffee face skin exfoliation scrub

wholesale coffee skin exfoliation scrub face scrub for glowing skin

skin exfoliation scrub is the key to bright your skin, the exfoliating scrub can slough off dead skin that can clog pores and stimulate cell turnover, brighten dull skin and soften your skin.
Skin exfoliation scrub is mainly used to remove the deep dirt of the skin and remove the dead skin. So when you choose, you must try whether the abrasive particles are smooth and too hard. By massaging the scrub and using the abrasives, the dirt that is difficult to remove and the keratinocytes accumulated on the surface of the skin are removed.
Our exfoliating scrub is made of walnut shell powder, which is processed and polished into a uniform smooth particle, The particle diameter is 30 mesh, which is about 0.613 mm. Avoid irregular shape damage to the skin, in addition, natural walnut shell ingredients natural, effectively avoid allergic skin irritation.
The ORGANIC ARABICA COFFEE POWDER added to our skin exfoliation scrub can be antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, promote skin metabolism, brighten skin color, soften skin, and make people feel relaxed and comfortable with the smell of coffee.
When using our skin exfoliation, the paste can soon be dissolved and absorbed by the skin, improve the rough and uneven skin and form a protective layer on the skin surface, so that the skin baby skin in general, very soft and smooth, from the inside to the outside brightening and delicate.

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