Wholesale dead sea mud mask dead sea minerals face mask for pimples and pore
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Wholesale Dead Sea Mud Mask Dead Sea Minerals Face Mask For Pimples And Pore

Dead sea mud masks wholesale manufacturer with private label, hydrating and brightening skin. mud from the Dead Sea is highly effective against blackheads and other blemishes. It helps draws out oils and toxins, cleans pores

Main ingredients:
Water,maris limus,mineral oil,glycerin,kaolin,sea silt extract,cetearyl alcohol,ethylhexyl fruit extract,cetearyl glucoside,lactic acid,niacinamide,titanium dioxide,kojic dipalmitate,tocopheryl acetate,phenoxyethanol,xanthan gum,ethylhexyl glycerin,sodium hyaluronate,aroma

Maris limus:submarine sludge is a magical natural biological soil rich in minerals and trace elements. it has the effect of promoting blood circulation and thorough cleaning. it is suitable for dry, sensitive and damaged skin.
Sea silt extract:extracted from deep-sea mud to protect skin and moisturize.
Ethylhexyl fruit extracts manicouagan clay: the natural isolation and accumulation of more than 1 million years make the glacial mud soft and silky, clean, containing natural and organic nutrients.
Lactic acid:lactic acid, also known as propionic acid, is a kind of fruit acid. which can effectively remove fine lines and wrinkles.
Carica papaya fruit extract:the papain in papaya extract can gradually soften and dissolve the keratinized skin by promoting the removal of aging skin cells, accelerate the metabolism of the skin and body. could eliminate pigmentation, anti-wrinkle and prevent the acnes, no side effects.
Niacinamide:vitamin b3 is highly safe as a pharmaceutical ingredient and is a basic vitamin supplement in clinical dermatological treatment. recent research has proved that it has a good effect in inhibiting melanin deposition and anti-inflammatory. niacinamide can also greatly reduce or eliminate skin aging, reduce free radical damage to the skin, prevent aging, repair the skin and reduce facial dullness. widely used in many famous brands like Lancome, Estee Lauder.  
Titanium dioxide:it’s very effective for whitening, because it is an inert mineral, it is inactive and therefore has good safety and does not cause allergic reactions.
Sodium hyaluronate:it can absorb 1000 times its own weight to achieve skin barrier by retaining skin moisture, preventing moisture loss and damage to the skin. it makes skin soft, smooth, wrinkle-free, increases elasticity, and keep moisturizing.so you will not feel dry but your skin will be shiny. using with other nutrients, it can promote the absorption of nutrients. 
Tocopheryl acetate:the skin conditioner is also an antioxidant. it has a protective effect of preventing sun rays from damaging the skin.

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