Causes of enlarged pores

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Update time : 2020-05-26 17:55:01
What are the causes of enlarged facial pores?
There is more than one murderer. Lack of water, aging skin, excessive oil, bad habits, and mite infections are all potential offenders. Let's understand in detail below!
1. Water shortage.
If the surface of the skin is dehydrated, the stratum corneum will become dry and rough, and problems such as pores and fine lines will be particularly obvious. Once the stratum corneum is saturated with water, the cells around the pores will also swell, and the pores will naturally become less obvious.
2. The keratin is not cleaned in time.
If the skin is not thoroughly cleaned for a long time, the aging keratin will accumulate around the pores, making the pores thicker.
3. Skin aging.
With the increase of age, the phenomenon of loose skin aging will become more and more serious. If you are usually neglected in skin care, your skin will lose its elasticity and loosen up, and your pores will grow larger and larger.
4. Excessive grease.
Oil secretion is strong and it accumulates on the surface of the hair follicle, which is a major cause of enlarged pores. In addition, after using the deep cleansing mask, you must remember to use astringent toner. Because the deep cleansing mask deepens the pores before it penetrates into the pores to bring oil and dirt out. If you use a deep cleansing mask and forget to converge your skin, the pores will become larger and larger.
5. Press on the skin.
Seeing acne, blackheads, pimples, etc., always want to squeeze them out early? STOP! If we press hard on the skin at will, it is easy to rupture the epidermis; once the dermis lacking regeneration function is damaged, it will be difficult for the skin to produce new cells and the pores will become thicker.
6. Bad living habits.
Smoking and alcoholism are also one of the causes of enlarged pores. So if you want beautiful skin, stay away from tobacco and alcohol.
7. Infection with mites is also a major cause of enlarged pores.
Therefore, we must remove mites and mites.