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Classification of mask

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Update time : 2020-04-17 17:57:54
Classification of mask
Peel-off mask
The main ingredients are high molecular glue, water, and alcohol. The cleaning principle is the same as the mud type. It also promotes blood circulation and metabolism by increasing the temperature of the epidermis. Torn from top to bottom, avoiding the skin around the eyes, eyebrows, and hairline into the lips. Because it does not contain moisturizer, it is not suitable for dry skin, and the method of tearing is not suitable for sensitive skin.
Jelly mask
Remove the alkaline agent in the jelly-type cleansing mask into the surfactant, and then add some maintenance ingredients to become the jelly-type maintenance mask. Among them, the transparent ones only add water-soluble skin care ingredients, which is more suitable for oily skin. The more opaque ingredients are added. Dry skin can also be used. The application must have a certain thickness and the pores must be covered to better Play a role!
Creamy Mask
The effect is not much different from that of general night cream, and its texture is similar to skin cream. Most of the facial masks with whitening, moisturizing and soothing effects belong to this category. Wipe clean after application. Because of its mild texture and wide adaptability, sensitive skin can be used with confidence!
Essential oil mask
The essential oil has a small molecule and absorbs quickly. The essential oil itself has a cosmetic effect. With moisturizer, essence and other cosmetic ingredients, the effect is better.
Cotton mask
It is to absorb the formulated high-concentration maintenance essence on cotton cloth (paper).
Efficacy mask
The effect mask is for different skin problems. A mask is equivalent to a solution to the skin problem. It is characterized by good efficacy and can solve various women's skin problems more quickly, safely and effectively. Efficacy mask can be understood as a natural and safe professional mask, suitable for different types of skin, with high safety and basically no allergies, and will surely become a new favorite in the mask market in the future. Film powder mask
After reconciling with water and soft film powder, apply on the face, form a film after 15 minutes, and then gently peel off. It is a common form of facial mask in beauty salons. According to different effects, you can moisturize, clean, remove yellow and so on. The advantage is that it is easy to clean after use and has a good cleaning effect on the skin. There are also water-washing membrane powders, but it is more troublesome to clean than soft membranes, but the nutritional effects are more abundant!