coconut oil hair care

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Update time : 2020-09-16 18:00:58
How about coconut oil hair care?

Coconut oil is a good idea for hair care. The ingredients in coconut oil have a small molecular weight and easily enter the skin. Similarly, it will easily enter the hair. Don’t think that it’s easy to get inside the hair. Healthy hair also has several layers of scales on the outside. If you want to enter it, you need to have a small molecular weight and good combination with the hair. Our team found a 2002 research report found by a beaut brains blogger, which showed that using coconut oil before or after shampoo can reduce hair damage, especially if it is used before shampoo. This conclusion is not difficult to understand, because a lot of damage usually occurs in the process of shampooing and drying hair. However, it should be noted that in this experiment, the researcher applied coconut oil to the hair and allowed it to stay on the hair for 14 hours (equivalent to overnight), and then measured the condition of the hair. This means that coconut oil needs to be "applied" on the hair for a long time to achieve the desired repair effect. Although we don't want to emphasize the conclusion of an experiment too much, we can at least conclude that coconut oil is effective for hair based on this experiment.

The last question worth discussing is how much coconut oil can be absorbed by our hair? For a long time, scientists have been struggling to find effective and accurate measurement methods. Until 2012, a research report published a measurement method that used radioactive labeling. This new method is to add a fluorescent radioactive substance to the coconut oil to be applied to the hair. In this way, the experimenter can separately measure the amount of oil penetrating into the hair and the amount of oil remaining on the surface of the hair. The results of this study initially show that our hair can absorb 15% of the coconut oil equivalent to the weight of the hair within an hour. If you soak your hair in coconut oil overnight (that is, six hours), this number can increase to 20% or 25%. Researchers in this experiment will continue to use this method to test other oil products. Although the scale of this experiment is small, at least we have reliable scientific experiments to prove that coconut oil is an effective natural hair care ingredient and can also be absorbed by the hair. Therefore, as a consumer, you can use coconut oil with greater confidence!

 Coconut oil is a good oil as a hair care oil in vegetable oils. It can really enter the hair and replenish the lipids of the hair. But if it is too troublesome to discard natural coconut oil, consider adding coconut oil to hair care products.