How to care for oily skin?

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How to care for oily skin?
Studies have shown that for every 1°C increase in temperature, the skin oil rate increases by 10%. In addition, some friends often stay up late and eat irregularly, which can easily become very greasy, and even develop acne and blackheads.

Today I will talk to you about how to systematically protect oily skin.

01 cleaning

Many oily skins like the pure soap-based facial cleanser that cleans Libel. But while these soap-based facial cleansers clean the excess oil on the skin, they also destroy your skin barrier. Over time, it will wash from oily skin to sensitive skin.

Therefore, for oily skin, you can choose some mild and cleansing power of both sexes or soap-based compound system, such as Vichy's cleansing gel, it is a cleansing gel, the texture is refreshing, the ingredients are active coconut coconut Oleoyl betaine is the main ingredient and has strong cleaning power. The foam is also rich, and a small amount can clean the entire face very well.

02 Moisturizing

Many people feel that moisturizing is not necessary for oily skin. But in fact, the oil of the skin and the moisture of the skin are completely different indicators, and the secretion of oil does not mean that your skin has a high moisture content.
Therefore, there is a type of oily skin that should pay attention to moisturizing, that is, friends who are oily and dry inside. The characteristic of this type of person is that there is more oil and more oil in the T zone. There are even closed mouth and acne. But often it feels dry and tight. Then why does it dry out inside?
Skin oil can be divided into sebaceous gland lipid and intercellular lipid according to its source.

Sebaceous gland lipids, as the name suggests, mainly come from the secretion of sebaceous glands, such as triglycerides, etc. It determines whether your appearance looks oily or not.
Intercellular lipids come from the keratinocytes of the epidermis. In the final stage of keratinocyte differentiation, they will be discharged into the gaps between stratum corneum cells. Like mud, such as ceramide, they fill the keratinocytes to form a barrier to the skin. , It determines your skin's ability to lock water.
The sebaceous gland lipids and intercellular lipids are relatively independent, each playing its own role.
Therefore, the so-called "external oil and internal dryness" essentially means excessive secretion of skin oil and lipid disorder between cells. Use some lightweight moisturizing products, and ingredients containing skin lipid, such as ceramide, is the correct way to moisturize the outer oil and the inner dry.

03 Oil control

Many oily skins like the toners of Japanese products, because it feels that the effect is obvious at the moment of use, the pores are smaller, and the shine is gone. But in fact, this is more of a sense of convergence brought about by the rapid volatilization of alcohol, which treats the symptoms rather than the root cause.

For oily skin, you can choose to contain niacinamide, PCA zinc and other oil control ingredients, such as the ordinary 10% niacinamide + 1% zinc essence, although the skin feel is still poor and sticky, but the oil control effect is still leveraged , Incidentally there is a little whitening effect.

04 Sun protection

Oily skin has high requirements for the skin feel of sunscreen products. It is mainly based on physical sunscreen agents, supplemented by chemical sunscreen agents OMC, combined with light oils, and talcum powder, corn starch, etc. that absorb oils. Oily skins will not There is a slight sticky feeling.
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