How to do with rough skin on the face?

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Update time : 2019-09-05 14:19:43
Want to improve the skin roughness, hydration is the first priority, in addition to using hydrating skin care products, but also regular masking, in addition, must eat more fruits and vegetables; pay attention to sunscreen; choose the right cosmetics, try to get rid of some bad habits in life. For example, staying up all night. By thoroughly cleaning, the skin of the face can be unloaded and the nutrients are in contact with the epidermal cells at a distance. Cleansing also softens the skin, so that the stratum corneum absorbs more water, and the penetration and absorption capacity is enhanced, but the wrong method of cleansing is difficult to achieve. Skin care includes both deep skin care and skin care. These two methods are not the same. The main function of the former is to provide nutrition to the skin. Therefore, absorption is very important; the main function of the latter is to add a protective film to the skin to prevent the external environment from invading the skin, so the requirements for absorption are less. The various nutrients, each with its own control, can make the skin show different brilliance: whitening, revitalizing, hydrating, only use together, let the skin have time to absorb different nutrients, the skin can be healthy, fair, shiny. If you put all kinds of nutrients collectively on your skin, the result will only be counterproductive.

1. Before choosing a skin care product, be aware of your skin's characteristics and choose the skin care product that suits you according to your skin's characteristics.

2. The cleaning work before skin care must be done in place. Do not use hot water to clean the face. Never treat your face with a rough application.

3. The steps of skin care should not be underestimated. We only need to remember the problem of easy skin care, that is, water first, medium milk, and finally oil.

How to improve the rough skin of the face

1, sleep is the most effective way to maintain the skin, enough sleep allows the body to discharge the toxins accumulated in the body, the deep glow of the skin deep luster, daily to develop a bad habit of staying up late, sleep habits good habits, good skin, from Sleep begins.

2, endocrine is one of the main causes of skin problems constantly, daily life should pay attention to the adjustment of individual endocrine, in serious cases can go to see Chinese medicine, a slight suggestion from the individual's living habits, slowly adjust the individual endocrine balance.

3, tobacco and alcohol will only make the skin more devastated, want to deepen the skin's luster, and rough, pores say NO, must stay away from tobacco and alcohol, and vegetables and fruits say hello, fruits and vegetables contain a variety of vitamins and skin needs micro Elements that promote metabolism.

4. As shown people's moods are easy to affect the body's internal secretion. People who are serious about skin problems must prevent the bad mood, keep an optimistic attitude, and don't let mood affect the skin. I will always have my own beauty.

5, the skin is rough and dull, these skin problems are always reminding us that there are problems in the skin, we must fundamentally find out the root of the skin problem, and insist on skin cleansing and moisturizing care work, good skin Start with conservation.

6, want to get rid of the rough skin, it is especially important to do a good job of skin cleansing, resulting in rough skin to a certain extent, because the skin oil is excessively eliminated, resulting in large pores, acne blackheads, etc., for this day, deep cleansing of facial skin Do not slack off.

7, the skin is rough and dull and the skin lacks water. This has a great relationship. After doing the corresponding cleaning work, you must insist on using toner and lotion to let the skin absorb nutrients daily. Moisturizing and hydrating is not acceptable for skin care. Important steps to ignore.

8, in addition to clean, moisturizing care, also do a good job to exfoliate horny work, it is recommended 1-2 times a week to prevent skin dead skin keratin accumulation, affecting skin health; and regular hydrating maintenance of the skin, so that the skin regularly and efficiently hydrating, It is recommended to 2-3 times a week.

9, the skin contact items must be kept hygienic, do not let the skin oil bacteria, residue on the skin contact, secondary infection of the skin, bring more problems to the skin, in addition to daily personal hygiene, but also Pay attention to the cleanliness of skin contact.

Causes of rough skin

It may be the imbalance of water and oil balance, the bad living environment; the internal body reaction; the lack of vitamin A, B; the improper use of cosmetics, especially during menstruation, lack of sleep, often staying up late, do not like to drink water, often eat spicy Unhealthy living habits such as stimulating foods and low fruit intake can also affect cell metabolism. Work pressure is high, long-term tension, it will make the skin rough and dull. There are many reasons for rough skin on the face, due to imbalance of skin water and oil balance, decreased metabolism, daily life, strong ultraviolet radiation, dry environment, high work pressure, bad habits, such as staying up late Factors such as eating fast food, smoking, etc. will lead to the drying of our face skin, the long-term improvement, and the roughening phenomenon. There are six reasons for the rough skin on the face.

1. Getting older.

2. The skin lacks the daily maintenance it should have.

3. Improper washing methods are always a hassle.

4. It belongs to mixed skin, and the T area has more oil.

5. Not enough water.

6. Do not like to receive professional care.

Does rough skin require exfoliation?

Before exfoliating, you need to know your skin. For people with dry or allergic skin, the skin itself is already very dry. Exfoliating will only make the skin peel off more. It is recommended to choose moisturizing lotion to enhance moisturizing. The skin is moisturized enough, and the keratin will naturally metabolize and fall off. Oily keratin skin is indeed more need to exfoliate, regular exfoliation about once or twice a week, so that the roughness is slowed down!