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The skin care efficacy and function of VC

VC, also known as ascorbic acid, is a natural antioxidant that can be used to prevent scurvy. Most plants can be synthesized, but the human body cannot. The human body needs this intake to obtain VC. However, the VC obtained through food can improve the skin very little. Therefore, if you want to change the skin condition through VC, you still need to apply VC.
So what are the skin care effects of VC?

One of the functions and effects of VC: Antioxidant
Antioxidants can help the skin resist the damage of free radicals. For example, one of the most important sources of free radicals is the ultraviolet rays in the sun. After ultraviolet rays irradiate the skin, the skin will produce reactive oxides (ROS), and these reactive oxides will damage proteins, DNA and cell membranes, and by affecting transcription factors To destroy cell functions and many other effects. This in turn causes skin problems such as dryness, damage, aging, and inflammation. (So, sun protection is very important, very important). VC is the easiest component to provide electrons, so it easily reacts with active oxygen and plays an anti-oxidant effect.

The second role and effect of VC: whitening
Needless to say, VC has been widely used in the cosmetics industry as a whitening ingredient, and is also used for its strong antioxidant power. Vitamin C can inhibit the formation of melanin to improve pigmentation such as dark spots. It is worth noting that it can reduce the conversion of dopamine and thus reduce the production of melanin

The third function of VC: to promote the production of collagen
Vitamin C is a cofactor of proline hydroxylase. It combines with collagen precursor to form a triple helix structure, so it is necessary for collagen synthesis. It can also increase the gene translation and mRNA transcription of collagen precursors, thereby up-regulating the formation of collagen and increasing the production of fibroblasts.
Simply put, vitamin C can increase the expression of genes related to collagen synthesis and create some additional messengers to produce more end products, which is collagen. As the human body grows older, collagen is lost, and the skin is loose and inelastic, so you can understand how wonderful it is to promote collagen production. However, to achieve this effect, the amount of VC added must be higher.
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