vitamin c serum

Vitamin C Serum

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As we all know, vitamin C is a very good antioxidant, used in cosmetics, with significant white spots, whitening, anti-aging, moisturizing effect. Pure vitamin C is ascorbic acid. Ascorbic acid is a kind of vitamin C inducer. It has strong antioxidant capacity, so we like vitamin C products and love it. Let's first take a look at the effects of vitamin C on skin beauty.
1. Protect skin and prevent photoaging
Vitamin C protects skin from UV damage, has a high antioxidant capacity, prevents photoaging, and inhibits oxidation.
2. Promote collagen synthesis and enhance skin elasticity
Vitamin C is an essential component in the collagen synthesis reaction chain. Studies have shown that in collagen synthesis experiments, the amount of collagen synthesis is significantly greater when using vitamin C than by the amount of vitamin C.
3. Skin regeneration, healing wounds, anti-inflammatory effects
Vitamin C has a remarkable effect on fighting inflammation, healing wounds, and skin regeneration, so sensitive skin and acne skin are also recommended ingredients.
4. Blemish whitening
Vitamin C can inhibit the synthesis of melanin and has a good whitening effect, which is one of the reasons why vitamin C is used in many whitening cosmetics. Only the vitamin C content of each whitening product is different, and the content is directly related to the effect of whitening and whitening.
It can be said that vitamin C is a versatile ingredient, whether it is young skin, loose aging skin, pigmented skin, acne skin, sensitive skin, any skin type can be selected to use vitamin C ingredients cosmetics. However, it is easy to oxidize under light and heat conditions, which is the only drawback of Vitamin C.
 VC itself is a water-soluble antioxidant that blocks melanin production and reduces melanin production, neutralizes free radicals, promotes collagen production, and inhibits acne. It is one of the few skin care ingredients that has been proven by reliable scientific research to brighten and brighten skin and reduce wrinkles.
1) Because of its strong reducibility, it is very easy to oxidize, not only inactivated after oxidation but also has a bad effect on the skin;
2) Chemical instability, high temperatures, sunlight and metal ions can make it inactive;
3) It is stable due to the need for a relatively low pH environment, and is also irritating to the skin;
Packaging and preservation
Air and light protection are essential elements of packaging containing VC skin care products, dark bottles, vacuum pumps or small independent packaging. Dry powder or silicon wrap is also helpful, but the silicon pack will affect the skin's absorption of VC, so the concentration will need to be higher, and it is easy to produce muddy after the product, so I personally do not like this form. Remember not to put VC skin care products in a bathroom that is easily heated. In order to avoid light, it is best not to put it on the dressing table, but to put it in the drawer, and close the lid immediately after each use.
VC concentration above 0.6% has an effect, in the average person 10%-20% of the effective VC concentration will have a significant effect, but the irritancy will be stronger, so it is recommended to start from the 3-5% concentration, slowly add Large, more than 20% of the irritancy is very large, must be used with caution.
Everyone reacts differently to different skin care ingredients. Some people use a certain ingredient to be ineffective. It may be that the skin condition or skin type is not suitable. Then try other ingredients and there is no need to die.
usage time
Since a major feature of VC is antioxidant, the usual recommendation is to use it in the morning. During the day, ultraviolet radiation is the culprit of free radicals. Free radicals destroy the protein components and DNA in the body. When the destruction speed is greater than the skin repairability, photoaging occurs. The antioxidant is actually a reducing agent, which can be irradiated under UV light. The formed active oxygen radicals are reduced to reduce the damage of these free radicals to the skin. Of course, it is ok to use it both in the morning and evening.
In addition, VC does not cause a photosensitivity reaction. It will not turn black during the day and when it is turned on at night. If anyone tells you this, you ask him if he knows what is sensitization. Sometimes the skin color seems to be dark after using VC. In fact, this is because the VC is oxidized and turns yellow, which causes the skin's stratum corneum to be dyed by instant staining. It can be easily corrected with the base makeup. However, due to the poor stability of VC, it is easy to be decomposed by ultraviolet light in the sun, so it should be used in conjunction with sun protection (PS: sunscreen should be used every day anyway!)
Pair with other ingredients
VC and some ingredients will be used together, the most classic is with the same antioxidant properties of vitamin E and ferulic acid (that is, the fire in the Lancome black bottle amp bottle that needs to activate the ingredients!), It will increase the efficiency of antioxidants (the famous CEF Essence is the formula).
Although it is not absolutely impossible, the personal opinion is not sure of the reaction of your skin, high-concentration VC is best not to be used with other equally stimulating ingredients (such as retinol and various acids).
Nicotinamide and VC can not be used together is a topic that is often debated. Nicotinamide performs best in a pH-neutral environment, while VC requires a low pH, and under certain conditions, VC products and nicotinamide interact to produce niacin which is more irritating to the skin. Many people do not recommend simultaneous Use, including the company Deciem behind The Ordinary. However, there are also many skincare experts (such as Paula) who hold the opposite opinion and believe that stable forms of VC and nicotinamide can be used at the same time. If you are obsessed with this, you can do your own homework. In fact, ordinary consumers may not have the energy to study the stability of ingredients, pH value, etc. It is better to use insurance, staggered time, alternate use, one morning, one night, or one day. One day, you can.
Remember that because the ingredients in other products may cause VC oxidation, it is best to absorb the VC product and then apply it to the next step.

For people
If it is tolerated, basically any skin type and age can be used, and it can be prevented without problems.