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2Pcs Red & Near Infrared Light Therapy Mat for Full body, 660nm & 850nm LED light Therapy Device

Item No.: 00741
2Pcs Red & Near Infrared Light Therapy Mat for Full body, 660nm & 850nm LED light Therapy Device for Pain Relief & Skin Care, Buckle Design Whole Body Wrap

360° Red Light Therapy Blanket

nuggle up like a bug in a rug with the new Portable SeekPretty Red Light Therapy 360° Full Size Total Body Sleeping Bag.
With 2570 Medical Grade LED’s(1370 Red/1200IR) ,  the SeekPretty will have you sweating out toxins, losing weight improving your sleep, relaxing your muscles and calming your body & mind from the comfort and convenience of your own home and without the hassle or expense of a trip to the Spa.

LED count 2570PCS (1370+1200) or 2520PCS(1260 +1260)  
Input voltage AC 100-240V   
output voltage DC 12V 10A
Outside battery support 12V,5V recharger 
Material Fabric +  Neoprene
Size A(1895*845)+B(1595*845) mm
Wavelength  850:663(660nm: 2056pcs,850nm: 214pcs)
G.W 6.5kg 
Max output power 133W+117W=250W


Including red light, infrared light, red light and infrared light, pulse + red light, pulse + infrared,   pulse + red light and infrared. There are 6 modes in total to meet your different needs.

Near-Infrared Light Therapy Mat

The infrared device consists of 1260 pcs of light therapy lamp. The light infrared lamp contains 660 nm visible red light and 850 nm near-infrared invisible light. It is verified that red lights and near-infrared are harmless to human health and can help us with weight loss and lower back pain relief.

Red Light Therapy Belt

The red light therapy can relieve the pain in your knees, lower legs, waist, back, shoulders, and neck pain relief, and happy light therapy lamp improve your sleep quality. You can easily enjoy the red light treatment equipment at home or in the office


To meet the needs of relaxing, you can set it for continuous work or setting a timer of 15/30/45/60/75/90 min auto-off.It has five buttons for different light intensity adjustment, 38W/53W/67W/82W/120W,You can adjust as you like !Press the on button twice, you can turn on the pulse mode, and press it again to get different pulse mode,you will feel different effects

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