7D HIFU Machine HIFU 7D Non-Surgical Facelift System Face& Body Machine

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1.More authoritative and higher anti-aging system machine after thermage and normal HIFU.
2.This technology has no bleeding, no open surgery, no scars, no trauma, replaced the effects of traditional facial anti-aging wrinkle surgery.
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What is 7D HIFU

Using the latest patented technology of HFI and mmfu, it can produce high-energy focused ultrasound, quickly penetrate the epidermis, and fat layer, stimulate the membrane contraction of the SMAS layer, and instantly make skin tissue reach high temperature of 65 , so as to produce a thermal coagulation effect, form reticular condensation points in dermis and fascia layer, stimulate fiber and collagen tissue to contract and tighten, regenerate and repair, and achieve layer by layer lifting and layer tightening 
47mhz transducer produces energy that forms micro coagulation in the dermis and fascia layer, while the 2MHz transducer transmits the macro energy to the subcutaneous fat layer, selectively reduces the fat cells.
The innovative technology transducer can not only maximize customer satisfaction but also greatly shorten the treatment time


The dense mesh arrangement makes the skin smooth and delicate, and the subcutaneous tissue directly reaches the skin to accelerate the cell activity, so that the collagen is newly born, and the fascia layer is used to thermally coagulate the fascia layer, which produces the effect of tightening and lifting the fascia layer so that firming the skin. The skin's improvement from deep to shallow supports the subcutaneous structure of the skin, which helps the underlying skin to restore elasticity and lift facial skin. 

Why it can work

Ultrasound focusing uses its unique high-energy focused ultrasound to reach the SMAS layer, enhances the SMAS fascia suspension, and comprehensively solves the problem of face and body sagging. It precisely focused the ultrasonic energy at different depths of the fascia layer and collagen layer, which make fascia layer muscle growth, achieving the best effect of shaping, lifting and firming; and make collagen recombined and regenerated, achieving skin elasticity, whitening, wrinkle removal, and fine pores. 

1. Non-surgical treatment of facial lifting, tightening and body contour shaping system;
2. The world's latest high energy-focused ultrasound technology;
3. Non-invasive, safe, fast, comfortable and effective;
4. 7 facial cartridges 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 3.0mm, and 4.5mm ;
5. The probe depth of 6 mm, 9 mm, and 13 mm can comprehensively deal with skin aging;
6. The 2.0 mm probe is unique in the world and can be operated in all aspects without a forbidden zone;
7. Face lifting, skin tightening, and fat dissolving can do in one machine.


Facial Cartridge
Micro-focused ultrasound. It can effectively achieve facial suspension lifting, skin tightening, improvement of wrinkles and pores, v-face shaping, distinct and firm jaw contour, improvement of skin color, improvement of double chin and skin relaxation. Make skin age, skin quality and skin color three-dimensional promotion.
L7-1.5mm(7MHz 1.5mm):
Aim at the superficial dermis, stimulate and recombine collagen, and eliminate wrinkles; the superficial dermis can regenerate, extremely smooth pores and whiten skin.
L7-2.0mm(7MHz 2.0mm):
Aiming at the wrinkles such as pregnancy wrinkles, eye bags, head lifting wrinkles, and around the eyes, the effect is immediate, slowing down skin aging and smoothing the traces of years. The 2.0mm cartridge uses 5.5mhz patented technology to treat eye and deep wrinkles, such as
tiger lines/forehead lines /neck wrinkles/crow's feet. It can improve the water storage capacity of the skin, make the skin plump and firm, and delay aging.
L7-3.0mm(7MHz 3.0mm):
For the deep dermis, it can induce and stimulate collagen proliferation in the deep layer, which starts to become elastic and smooth from the muscle base.
L4-4.5mm(4MHz 4.5mm):
With dot matrix technology, 1.5 Joule energy is precisely focused on the SMAS layer, giving full play to the ultimate suspension strength; effectively stimulating collagen proliferation, rejuvenating skin from the inside.

Body Cartridge
Macro-focused ultrasound. The treatment can effectively shape the whole body, such as abdomen, lower leg, armpit, lower leg, back, and so on.

System parameters


7D Hifu 

Energy type 

Single shot/ continuous mode


AC100V - 240V50HZ/60HZ 

Cartridge shots 

20,000 shots







Dot distance 


Number of Cartridge


7d Screen 

10.4 inch


2 handle 

Gross weight 


Packing size 


The corresponding parameters can be adjusted according to the size and length of the treatment area and the customer's ability to withstand, greatly shortening the operation time and making the energy point of the skin more uniform and effective. This machine use the original imported linear motor. You can adjust the gear position to change the speed of the operation. There is 1 to 5 gear position adjustment (1 is the fastest gearposition). The motor is ultra-quiet, the mute reaches below 20 decibels. And there will be no motor card that cause the card to be stuck, which will make it safer when operating the machine for your customers. We believe that your customers will enjoy machine operation and your service.
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