8 in 1 RF Slimming 40K Cavitation Machine Body Sculpting Machine Beauty Equipment

Item No.: 00659
Reduces body fat and cellulite
Accelerate collagen regeneration and tighten skin.
Improves blood circulation and body detox.
Achieve a smoother contoured figure and youthful look.

It’s an non-invasive slimming treatment way. The 8 in 1 Body sculpting machine adopt multi-polar radio frequency technology combined with ultrasonic fat-blasting technology to heat up fat cells and cellulite . And multi Lipo-laser paddles with RF function , work effectively to activate fat cells, penetrates the fat layers , dissolves subcutaneous fat by heating , and promotes cell metabolism .

It helps to achieve a smoother contoured figure. Besides RF technology is helpful for lifting sagging skin, reduced wrinkles, accelerating collagen building, and increasing dermal elasticity.  


Four poles RF * 1pc

Six poles RF + vacuum * 1pc

Nine poles RF * 1pc

Cooling hammer * 1pc

40Khz Cavitation * 1pc

Small lipolaser paddles *2pcs

Big lipolaser paddles *6pcs

40K fat blasting: Ultrasonic fat blasting heats up fat cells and shatters cellulite at a frequency of 40,000 times per minute, making fat cells decomposed into fatty acids and enhancing blood circulation.

Multi-polar radio frequency: The multi-polar radio frequency generates 50-65 degrees Celsius heat energy in the subcutaneous tissue, stimulate collagen contraction and regeneration, so that tighten and firming skin. 

Negative pressure radio frequency: vacuum negative pressure helps to discharge the scattered fat cells and effectively promote the metabolism of adipose tissue.

Ice Hammer: Shrink pores, calm skin, eliminate redness and sensitivity.

Lipo-Laser paddles: The red laser has a wave length of 630nm-650nm with strong penetrating power, it can effectively activate and repair fat cells and promote cell metabolism.


1. Multi-polar RF function with good fat burning effect.

2. LED vacuum RF function, accelerate body detox and metabolism .    

3. Powerful 40K blasting

4. Convenient usage during operation.  

5. Strong penetrating power of the Lipo-laser paddles.   

6. Works well on both of body Sculpting and facial lifting.  

7. Non-invasive fat reduction option

voltage 100-240V 50Hz-60Hz
Power <= 120W
Vacuum Intensity 90Kpa
RF Frequency 1-2 MHz
Ultrasonic Frequency 1 MHz
Screen 7 inch
Language English
Ultrasonic  Dual core
Laser Light Board 6*12*30 mw/pcs

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