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8-spectrum Imaging Visia Skin Analysis Machine Test & Analyze Deep Learning AI Skin Tester Skin Analyzer

Item No.: 00668
Skin problems are tested and analyzed in multiple dimensions combined with millions of standard data and deep learning algorithms annotated by dermatology professionals in the cloud database.
AI Skin Tester captures the images of facial skin through industrial-grade high-definition effects with 8 light sources such as white light, positive polarized light, negative polarized light, UV light, blue light, Wu's light, brown light, and red light. It adopts the technologies of spectral imaging, AI face recognition, deep learning, 3D skin simulation, cloudcomputing/cloud storage to conduct the quantitative analysis on the pathological features of surficial and deep skin, and comprehensively detect 14 indicators for skin health. Comprehensive analysis and evaluation of skin problems provide  reasonable evidences for scientific and accurate management of the skin.

Photographing: When photographing, please place your chin on the soft support below the instrument and do not exceed the front slot of the soft support, rest your forehead on the upper forehead support, and align the midline of the nose (the midline of the nose can be marked on the interface). Customers are required to keep their faces clean at all times and close their eyes when photographing, and then click on the smart skin test to enter the photographing. When photographing, the light will flash 8 times and continuously collect eight facial images, waiting for the uploading of image data to the cloud server for AI intelligent analysis.

1. Super cloud computing, the analysis speed is unprecedented.
2. The data is objective and accurate.
3. Industrial-grade high definition camera, perfectly presenting high definition images.
4. Cloud storage with unlimited capacity.
5. Intelligent deep learning, automatic upgrade of instruments, more and more accurate data, endless learning.
6. Support user multi account management.
Input 100-240VAC 50/60Hz
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Impedance 50Ω
Output power 0-100W
Rated current 1A
Packing size 605*535*515mm carton
Display 13.3 inch
Languages English, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Vietnamese, Turkish,
System Android system
Compatible with mobile phone
The detection report can be scanned by mobile phone directly.  

Analysis of superficial and deep-layer skin
Superficial Sebum Test Superficial Skin Tone Test
Superficial Pore Test Deep Skin Sensitivity Test
Shallow Spot Test Deep UV Spot Test
Superficial Wrinkle Test Deep Pigment Test
Superficial Acne Test Deep-layer Skin Acne UV Test
Superficial Blackhead Test Deep-layer Skin Collagen Loss Test
Superficial Dark Circle Test 3D simulation
The nursing grade algorithm is adopted and divided into five grades from 1 to 5. The higher the level of care, the more serious the problem of the skin.
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