Body Slimming Monopolar Skin Tightening Device RF Body Fat Melting Machine

Item No.: 00666
1. Skin tightening of sagging skin
2. Wrinkle removal around eyes, nose,forehead, mouth, neck, hand etc.
3. Body contouring
4. Stretch marks removal
5. Body Fat Melting

The high-frequency energy alleviation technology is heated in stages and raised step by step. The energy focused wave makes the subcutaneous fat tissue layer temperature reach 45-60 degrees, safely covering the whole body with energy. Let the body temperature rise by 3-4 degrees to achieve the effect of increasing blood flow and oxygen.

1. Metal head: for deep fat dissolution, ceramic head: for superficial skin warming and collagen tightening
2. Non-invasive, painless, no trace, no recovery period
3. Excellent pain relief effect: Deep heat increases blood flow and activates cell function (no damage to nerves, muscles, bones, skin tissue)
4. Improve immunity and body resistance
5. Improve detoxification and excretion, enhance peristalsis, warm the uterus, and enhance skin elasticity
6. Operating parts: abdomen, face lifting and shaping, back, shoulder and neck, leg physiotherapy, gout, rheumatism physiotherapy, etc.

Feature of the machine : 
1.The most famous and advance technology of 20mhz radio frequency, really different the traditional radio frequency
2. Effective treatment result after the first treatment instant, radio frequency energy can penetrates deep skin tissue and achieves instant good treatment result
3. The good treatment result can last for 2-3years
4. Non-invasive treatment, safe and no side effect
5. Super comfortable during the whole treatment, never happen electric shock caused by the improper operation of traditional RF.

body abdominal manipulation

1. Measure the size and take pictures

2. Paste the negative electrode sheet on the back, apply massage cream or cold gel evenly on the operation site, it is recommended to adjust the energy from 15, the contact surface of the probe is firstly attached to the skin vertically, and then press to start, make small circles 3 times, and then make large circles 4 times, and finally end with a lifting method. After the end, you need to pause, and the probe will leave the skin again.

3. The whole operation process is at least 30 minutes, ceramic head operation is 20 minutes, metal head operation is 10 minutes

4. Measure the size and take pictures (Note: the temperature should not be set too high, the epidermis will quickly heat up if it is too high, and it will be difficult for energy to penetrate into the subcutaneous fat layer. Thin size: it is recommended that customers do not eat rice at night or eat less during the day, and eat more fruits , green vegetables are better) facial operation

5. Select the ceramic head, apply the massage cream evenly on the face, click on the face, select the appropriate operation head, the energy is recommended to be adjusted from 1, click to start, according to the skin texture, lift up or operate in a circle, the probe surface cannot leave during operation Skin, (adjust slowly up according to the temperature of the skin) The recommended operation time is 15-20 minutes

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