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Facial Brush Facial Cleansing Brush Electric Silicone Face Brush

Electric Waterproof Silicone Facial Cleansing Device Face Cleaning Machine Comfortable Massage, deep clean skin

Product Description


Electric Silicone Facial Cleanser 

Big area




Small area


Multi-Frequency Vibration

Multi-Frequency Vibration


Mode 1: continuous vibration
Mode 2: vibrant 0.5s then r 0.5s
4.5--10k frequency vibration


Water Proof Body(slim+sealed body)


Deep cleansing, massage



Silicone bristles rather than nylon bristles, so they can give you soft and effective cleansing and messaging. What’s more, it can get washed easily and thoroughly to keep more hygiene.
A powerful battery provides a long period of service time, no need to be changed frequently.
●Deep Cleaning
●Full face cleansing
●Medical Silicone
●2 modes
●USB charging

It is designed with a pointed end so it can get into the nooks and crannies around the nose.
Offering variable intensity levels option, more versatile, more flexible, suitable for all skin types including acne-prone, sensitive skin.
The ultimate motor delivers appropriate yet powerful vibration. Not only it can cleanse more makeup and pores, remove blackheads, reduce breakout, but it can deeply massage your skin, bring energy to your face, and achieve better skin products absorption. You will feel smooth, refreshed, and glows after using it.

Soft silicone, skin-friendly brush head, soft bristles, can be used daily, for deep cleaning, we recommend using 2-3 times a week Sonic high-frequency vibration, dredges pores, cleans closed skin, acne, blackheads, and other skin problems Automatically produce rich and dense foam, and automatically foam in 5-6 seconds


Special design

◒Non-slip design
Human engineering design, U-shaped anti-skid grain
Fit to the palm to prevent facial cleaning interruption
◒Hollow design
Product top hollow design, easy to hang.
Hang to dry more thoroughly to prevent bacterial growth
◒Flashlight design 
 Use the button, the bottom white light flashing light
The light flicker indicates that the operation has taken effect
◒Waterproof design
Charging port adds water blocking plug 
Waterproof charging port improve product quality 
Two brush design
An alternate arrangement of coarse brush and fine brush
Coarse brush for massage, fine brush for face cleaning
Coarse and fine, improve the cleaning efficiency

Factory strength

Established in 2006, with 15 years experience in OEM and ODM skincare products. In addition, We have obtained ISO and GMP certificates. Our factory and quality control strictly follow the quality standard of ISO22716 for cosmetics. For OEM services, we will provide professional free brand. consulting services. For ODM services, we own a high-tech R&D team with10chemical & biomedical engineers and a 10000-level laboratory.
We specialize in natural+scientific+vegan skincare products for European and American brands

Why choose us                                         
---High R&D Ability    

10000-level laboratory    high-tech R&D team
---Great Production Capacity
Ensure Short Lead Time
10 full-automatic skincare
production lines

High-end advanced facilities 200 skillful workers
and expertise staff
 GMP&ISO standard approval 
factory covers5000
square meters 


 ISO 22716

Packing & Delivery

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