Wholesale Hyperbaric Peel Nanospray Handle Small Bubble Facial Beauty Machine 6 In 1 Hydra Oxygen Jet Hydrafacial Machine

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Hydrafacial Machine has a variety of functions, which can enhance the face in all aspects, comprehensively solve the facial problems, and make the face smooth, firm and shiny glowing.
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Product Description


6 in 1 hydrogen facial machine


Deep cleaning; Moisturizing Hydra, Firming, Nourishing


100V-240V 50Hz-60Hz Dc12v 5A


4 soft heads, 8 heads



RF frequency

Bipolar, Multipolar

Cold hammer temperature




Hydrodermabrasion handle

90Kpa pressure.Flow capacity: 25L

Positive pressure



7 inch

Plasma concentration

>3 X 106 pcs/cm³

Bipolar RF


The temperature of hydro dermabrasion

34-45℃ adjustable

Stock solution bottle

A Deep layer cleaning
B Whitening and moisturizing
C Pipe cleaning
D Hydroxy lon cleaning
Solution and recycling bottles are with intelligent
detection function

By heating pressure swing adsorption, (breaking through the technical level of traditional small bubble instruments, fully combining tiny bubbles and exclusive original liquid, using the spiral suction tip to directly act on the skin surface, the temperature can reach up to 40 degrees during operation, opening the pores and softening the cuticles. Deep cleansing, blackhead removal, moisturizing and other multi-layer effects.) + Plasma technology and ozone technology combined (using plasma penetration to improve sensitive skin, while generating high-frequency voltage, electrolyzing the oxygen in the air to generate ozone, in a short time anti-inflammatory, sterilization, Effective against fungi, mites, and acne) + radiofrequency principle (through 2M and 4M frequency conversion multipolar radiofrequency cycle into the subcutaneous tissue to generate 50-65 degrees of heat energy in the subcutaneous tissue to stimulate collagen contraction and regeneration) + nano bioelectric wave technology to open the skin The channel, combined with nutritional ingredients, produces nano-activity on the skin, which solves the problem of skin absorption and is painless and non-invasive.
●Soluble-water cleaning
●Skin-Softening keratinocytes
●Remove Cutin Pore Cleaning
●Deep cleaning Smooth Skin

Product structure
●Cold hammer
●Shovel vibrating cleaning
●Polymer water oxygen
●Bipolar RF
●Hydrogen-Water Oxygen Cleaning
●Sound waves
Accessories details and functions
Installed heating function, breaking through the traditional small bubble instrument Technical level, open pores, soften keratin, make muscles cleans the skin deeper, improves skin's dullness, blackheads, leaves skin clean.
Heating function 35℃-45℃&Clean pores &Remove facial oil  &Remove blackheads 
Polymer water oxygen Spray Gun
Combined with nutrients, it is finely atomized. The cells supplement the nutrition
Atomizing Spray&Decomposition ion &Improve skin 
●Bipolar RF
Use 2Mhz and 4Mhz variable RF to enhance the eye and change good eye fine lines, eye swelling, restore eyesight.
Tightening the Skin&Eliminate eye edema&Smoothing wrinkles 

●Plasma bipolar RF 
Plasma technology combined with ozone technology. Anti-Allergy, clearing acne, clearing and sterilizing, removing mites, improving pores, and repairing acne pits.
Anti-Allergy &Anti-inflammation &Pore Shrinking&Acne Scar Repair

●Cold hammer
Shrink pores, calm, eliminate redness and sensitivity
●Nano Meso Handle
Designed with a peristaltic pump, the liquid does not touch the bump body, Bottle-mounted products are more convenient, and the nutrients are the rice form penetrates into the basal layer of the skin to improve skin absorption problem is to make the skin shiny, moist, and white.
Quick import &Promote absorption
Shrink pores, calm, eliminate redness and sensitivity.
Cool 1-5℃ &Safety &Painless 
Operating procedure
1. Makeup remover cleaning - water mill cleaning
2. Select, and then select a suitable water grinding head according to the skin, click the cleaning handle function, the top of the instrument will switch the cleaning handle, adjust the appropriate suction and water volume according to the needs, and select the appropriate original solution bottle according to the skin (A Original Solution Deep Cleansing Essence, B original liquid vitality water oxygen essence, C original liquid water oxygen cleaning liquid (clean the handle pipe, click the cleaning icon to clean the pipe after using the instrument), D is hot bubble water (when selecting D bottle, you need to click the screen to enter the adjustment interface, It is recommended to adjust the heating temperature from 41, then click the hot bubble water icon to start heating, and it can be used when the temperature heating progress reaches 100 degrees), click Start, and operate according to the skin texture.
3. Please convert the polymer water and oxygen at the top of the instrument, click the polymer water and oxygen function, use the appropriate product (toner, diluted essence or normal saline) according to the skin, put it into the handle ampoule, and adjust the spray size (+ means to increase, - yes down), according to skin texture or in circular motions.
(Note: After use, the ampoule needs to be washed with warm water of about 40 degrees, and sprayed dry to prevent clogging)
4. Click the RF bipolar function to adjust the energy (it is to increase, it is to decrease, it is recommended to adjust from low to high), select the radio frequency to reach the skin depth (the left is from deep to shallow, the right is from shallow to deep, it is recommended not to adjust ) Select the frequency (recommended to choose 2MHZ), click to start, apply eye gel around the eyes, lift up according to the eye texture, make circular operations, and type Y on the upper eyelid.
5. Select the skin, select the depth of the skin, adjust the energy (to increase or decrease, it is recommended to adjust from low to high), adjust the appropriate fluid volume (to increase or decrease), click to start, and install the handle. Take out the bottle, put in the essence, put it back on the handle, and operate it in a circular motion on the skin.
(Note: After use, the ampoule needs to be washed with warm water of about 40 degrees, and the dosage should be adjusted to the maximum until the warm water runs out to prevent clogging)
6. Click the plasma bipolar desensitization function, select the plasma continuous mode, adjust the plasma energy (it is to increase or decrease, it is recommended to adjust from low to high), select the radio frequency RF continuous mode, and adjust the radiofrequency RF energy (if it is to increase, It is to turn down, it is recommended to adjust from low to high), click to start, apply an anti-acne product or an anti-acne essence on the face, and make a circular operation (operate a few times on the place with acne)
7. Click the cold hammer function to adjust the energy of the cold hammer (it is to increase or decrease, it is recommended to choose L3), click to start, apply calming essence or calming product on the face, and operate in circles
After treatment
Apply + medical wound repair film for 15 minutes/+ medical wound repair gel for 15 minutes, remove the film for cleaning, skincare, and sun protection.
It is recommended that guests use at home + medical wound repair solution/+ medical wound repair cream
Adapt to the crowd
1. Suitable for any crowd
2. Especially in areas with long-term makeup and severe air pollution
3. Dull skin, tiredness, clogged pores, thick stratum corneum, and other skin problems
4. Acne, acne-prone skin
1. For those with thin stratum corneum or severe red blood on the cheekbones, it is forbidden to use a water grinding pen, radiofrequency, and shovel peeling
2. For those with thin skin stratum corneum or serious red blood on the cheekbones, the cheekbones should not be worn for too long during the operation of RF radiofrequency.
3. Do not use irritating skincare and cosmetics within 24 hours after treatment, and pay attention to sun protection
4. Those with wounds cannot operate to avoid infection
5. It is forbidden for those with skin diseases


Factory strength

Established in 2006, with 15 years experience in OEM and ODM skincare products. In addition, We have obtained ISO and GMP certificates. Our factory and quality control strictly follow the quality standard of ISO22716 for cosmetics. For OEM services, we will provide professional free brand. consulting services. For ODM services, we own a high-tech R&D team with10chemical & biomedical engineers and a 10000-level laboratory.
We specialize in natural+scientific+vegan skincare products for European and American brands

Why choose us                                         
---High R&D Ability    

10000-level laboratory    high-tech R&D team
---Great Production Capacity
Ensure Short Lead Time
10 full-automatic skincare
production lines

High-end advanced facilities 200 skillful workers
and expertise staff
 GMP&ISO standard approval 
factory covers5000
square meters 


 ISO 22716

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