IPL Hair Removal Machine

Ipl Laser Hair Removal Intensity Hair Removal Device

After cleansing the skin, shave off the hair, and then follow the instructions to select the corresponding intensity and pulse width for hair removal after charging.

Product Description


Laser Hair Removal Device

Model Number



Hair Removal Skin Lift.skin Rejuvenation

Light source


Adjusting gear

5 gears

Product size


Power Supply








Flash Mode

Manual flash, automatic flash

Through the selective photo thermodynamic principle, by adjusting the wavelength, energy, and pulse width of the laser, the laser can penetrate the skin surface to reach the root of the hair. After the laser is absorbed by the hair follicle, it can destroy the hair follicle, so that the hair loses the ability to regenerate, so as to achieve the therapeutic effect of hair removal.
● Applicable: 100~240V working voltage, suitable for all the countries in the world.
●Painless: Five Adjustable optimal energy levels according to the skin tolerance. Providing gentle treatment painlessly and easily, without hurting the skin. The LED light clearly shows the energy level.
●Fast and big treatment area: wavelength 475-1200, quartz spot size not too big or neither too small for anybody curve, high efficiency, and fast speed that just takes several minutes to remove the overlapping region hair which is difficult for traditional hair removal method

Five-speed Energy Adjustment
Contact Light Design, Only Lamp Holder
The Flash Will Be Successfully Activated When If Is Close To The Skin
Five Minutes Of No Operation, Automatic shutdown And Stop Working
o1-Files: 2.0J/cm
o2-Files: 3.4J/cm
o3-Files: 2.7J/cm
o4-Files: 4.0J/cm
o5-Files: 5.0J/cm

Factory strength

Established in 2006, with 15 years experience in OEM and ODM skincare products. In addition, We have obtained ISO and GMP certificates. Our factory and quality control strictly follow the quality standard of ISO22716 for cosmetics. For OEM services, we will provide professional free brand. consulting services. For ODM services, we own a high-tech R&D team with10chemical & biomedical engineers and a 10000-level laboratory.
We specialize in natural+scientific+vegan skincare products for European and American brands

Why choose us                                         
---High R&D Ability    

10000-level laboratory    high-tech R&D team
---Great Production Capacity
Ensure Short Lead Time
10 full-automatic skincare
production lines

High-end advanced facilities 200 skillful workers
and expertise staff
 GMP&ISO standard approval 
factory covers5000
square meters 


 ISO 22716

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