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Item No.: LUM-M3
Appearance design patent, 500,000 effective light output, 5 automatic energy adjustment modes, manual intelligence, two modes

Product Description


IPL Hair Removal Machine



Type of Light



12V | 4A | 48W

Product Life


Light Area

3cm² (hair removal) + 5cm² (skin rejuvenation)


5 Energy

Max. Energy


Shortest Light Interval


Hair Removal Filter


Skin Rejuvenation Filter                        


Power Adapter

AC: 100-240V | 50/60Hz; 


design patent + utility model patent


FCC, CE, RoHS, ISO9001, PSE,

The principle of IPL hair removal: photons penetrate the skin to the hair follicle. Because the hair follicle contains more melanin, the melanin absorbs light and converts it into heat. After heating, the hair follicle enters a dormant state and then destroys the hair follicle to achieve the hair removal effect. But the dormant period of hair follicles also has a time limit, so it is necessary to cut off the time before hair removal irradiation. By repeating several times to make most of the hair follicles enter the dormant period, the skin can maintain a delicate luster
●Permanent hair removal
●Easy to use
●8 weeks smooth
●Skin rejuvenation for the whole body
●Two replaceable  lamp
Usage Frequency
◒1-4 weeks - 2-3 times per week.
◒5-6 weeks - 2 times per week.
◒7-8 weeks - 1 time per week.
◒More than 8 weeks - 1-2 times per month.
Energy Level
◒It has 5 different energy levels to adapt to different skin sensitivities.
◒From 1 (Lowest) to 5 (Highest) can be adjustable, please choose the level according to your needs. The higher level, the greater strength, the better effect of hair removal.
◒For the first use, recommended use level 1
Skin Tone/Hair Color
●Applicable skin color: White, Ivory, Beige, Light brown.
●Applicable hair color: Dark Brown, Black, Light brown, Medium Brown.
●Not applicable skin color: Dark Brown, Black
●Not applicable hair color: White Grey, Red, Light Blonde


* Small and exquisite appearance;
* 2 replaceable lamp heads;
* 5 energy adjustment + manual / automatic dual adjustment mode; 
* Imported quartz lamp, effective light output up to 500,000 flashes;
* The light-emitting interval can be as short as 1 second;  
* the US imported chips, product performance is stable
Two replaceable lamp
Hair removal and skin rejuvenation functions in 1 device
Using skin rejuvenation function to regenerate skin collagen
to resist skin aging, decompose spots, and shrink capillaries

Factory strength

Established in 2006, with 15 years experience in OEM and ODM skincare products. In addition, We have obtained ISO and GMP certificates. Our factory and quality control strictly follow the quality standard of ISO22716 for cosmetics. For OEM services, we will provide professional free brand. consulting services. For ODM services, we own a high-tech R&D team with10chemical & biomedical engineers and a 10000-level laboratory.
We specialize in natural+scientific+vegan skincare products for European and American brands

Why choose us                                         
---High R&D Ability    

10000-level laboratory    high-tech R&D team
---Great Production Capacity
Ensure Short Lead Time
10 full-automatic skincare
production lines

High-end advanced facilities 200 skillful workers
and expertise staff
 GMP&ISO standard approval 
factory covers5000
square meters 


 ISO 22716

Packing & Delivery

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