Body Shaping

EMS-Non Invasive Portable Body Contouring EMS Sculpting Machine

Item No.: LUM-E6
Ems body sculpting machine is the only non-invasive technology that simultaneously uses radiofrequency and HIFEM+ (High-intensity focused electromagnetic energy) to eliminate fat and build muscle.
4 handles working at the same time
2 big handles + 2 sma
EMS is an FDA-approved non-surgical treatment that builds up muscle mass while burning through fat cells. It does this by delivering high-intensity electromagnetic pulses to muscles, which causes them to contract. Deep supramaximal contractions also remodel the inner structure of the targeted muscles while reducing fat cells in the process. The result is a sculpted and toned look without any need for surgery or medical downtime.

  • Suitable for people who exercise regularly but have difficulty gaining muscle
  • No consumables are used, cost reduction, one-time investment, continuous income
  • Painless, non-invasive and safe, FDA and CE dual certification technology
  • Similar products are more effective and the price is more favorable
  • Complete documents, assist in customs clearance
  • Improve pre-sales guidance and after-sales service

  • Muscle: EMS increases muscle mass by 16%
  • Body fat: EMS helps patients to achieve 19% fat loss, with a 96% average patient satisfaction rate. 
  • Skin: While body contouring is the main goal of the treatments, it also offer some skin tightening benefits by reducing sagging pockets of fat and strengthening muscle tone.

EMS is based on high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy.  A single EMS session causes thousands of powerful muscle contractions which are extremely important in improving the tone and strength of the muscles of your patients. These induced muscle contractions are very intense, and the muscle tissue is thus forced to adapt to such extreme conditions. The muscle tissue responds by deep remodeling of its inner structure, which results in muscle building and body sculpting.

  • Portable design, save space, easy to carry, cheaper price than larger machines
  • The operation mode has an automatic mode suitable for most people and a manual mode that can be adjusted arbitrarily, allowing you to operate at will in various situations
  • The default system language is English,Other language can be added if needed.
  • The boot logo service is offered free of change.
  • 4 operating handles can be operated at the same time which are more suitable for the human body ,and reducing the time of each treatment


Output Power: 2800W                                                         
Screen Size 15.6 Inch
Output Intensity  0-5t 
Pulse 300us(Microsecond)


Chassis Size                               54*38*55(Cm)
Net weight/Gross weight (KG) 35kg/ 65kg

Host (qualified product)            1 PCS                                                                          
power cord 1 PCS
Operating handle 4 PCS
Bandage (long, short) 2 PCS
warranty card 1 PCS
use manual 1 PCS
30A insurance tube 10 PCS

As such the device presents a shift in the body contouring segment of aesthetic medicine, because it allows a simultaneous treatment of muscle laxity through supramaximal muscle stimulation and reduction of excessive adipose tissue through radiofrequency heating   -- A Novel Technology Combining RF and Magnetic Fields: Technical Elaboration on Novel RF Electrode Design
Radiofrequency (RF) is commonly recognized treatment option for fat reduction, utilizing heat-induced adipocyte deletion. HIFEM treatment has been proven to be an effective tool for body shaping      -- Deletion of adipocytes induced by a novel device simultaneously delivering synchronized radiofrequency and hifem: Human histological study
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