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Oxygen Facial Machine Dome Infusion Microdermabrasion Professional Facial Machine

Item No.: 00660
Through a combination of pressurised, pure oxygen flow and tailored skin corrective infusions, oxygen facials work in a number of ways to give your clients highly psychologically satisfying results that will encourage repeat bookings time and time again.
Oxygen Facials have been enjoying the limelight as the go-to facial treatment for instantly revitalised, detoxified, radiant and younger-looking skin in 60 minutes flat. Hollywood’s most glamorous celebrities first put Oxygen Facials on the beauty map which has seen a rise in the demand for oxygen facial technology to be integrated into everyday, local salons, spas and skin clinics both in Australia and abroad.

Facial thermal therapy enables the skin tissue to absorb a large amount of heat energy, promotes collagen contraction and regeneration, and combines oxygen spray and atomization to introduce essence and moisture into the skin, so that the skin can better absorb it; uses electronic compression separation technology to generate high-concentration oxygen, equipped with a patent The technically designed multi-functional high oxygen light oxygen absorption mask can perform oxygen therapy on the skin and hair.

1. High-pressure oxygen infusion gun: Combine the product with high-pressure gas and spray it to the skin to open the pores and make the product better absorbed
2. High pressure oxygen injection: supplement oxygen to the skin and improve the phenomenon of dark yellow skin
3. Bipolar radio frequency: Firms and enhances beautiful skin, stimulates collagen regeneration
4. Cold hammer: shrink pores, calm and repair damaged skin, eliminate redness and sensitivity

Voltage 110V/220V 50-60Hz
Power < 60W
RF Frequency 1 MHz-2 MHz
Cold Hammer Temperature 1-5 Degree
Hydro Dermabrasion Pressure 90 Kpa
Flow Capacity 30 L
Scrubber Frequency 27 Khz
Positive Pressure 3-4 Kg
Feature Anti-puffines, Pigmentation Removal, Pore Remover, Face Lifting, Acne Treatment,
Skin Tightening, Wrinkle Remover, Skin Rejuvenation

LED dome with music and bluetooth

Red light (605-700nm wavelength): Anti-wrinkle mode.

Promote collagen production , whiten pale spot, tender skin , anti-winkle, repair damaged skin, smooth the fine wrinkles.

Blue light (450-480nm wavelength): Acne eraser mode

Suppress inflammation, effectively remove acne and reduce pigmentation to even tone.

Purple light (400-435nm wavelength): Acne eraser mode

Combine the effect of red and blue light, which is specially used for repairing and healing acne scar.

Yellow light (560-580nm wavelength):Increases immunity

Improve the exchange of oxygen and cells, replenish energy to skin cells, decompose pigment and improve dead skin cells.

Green light (500-560nm):Balance skin model

Effective in neutralizing, balancing and calming skin . It can reduce skin oil secretion and balance the water and oil of your skin.

Cyan light: 560-580nm (blue +green light ): Promote metabolism
Acne Eraser mode + Anti-winkle mode Anti-acne, reduce pigmentation to even tone and repair damaged skin, smooth the fine winkles.

White light, 480-490nm (green +blue +red light ): Tighten sagging skin

It can penetrate the skin , accelerate the metabolism of active tissue, decompose stain and improve sagging skin.

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