Radio Frequency Weight Loss Monopolar Face Tightening RF Body Slimming Machine

Item No.: 00664
Mono-polar technology, more convenient and effective.
500W high RF power and good cooling system technology to protect the skin layer.

Working principle

The high-frequency energy alleviation technology is heated in stages and raised step by step, and the fast radio frequency focused wave makes the temperature of the subcutaneous fat tissue layer reach 45-60 degrees, safely covering the whole body with radio frequency energy. Let the body temperature rise by 3-4 degrees to achieve the effect of increasing blood flow and oxygen.

The Advantage:

1. Metal head: for superficial fat dissolution, ceramic head: for deeper skin and collagen tightening 

2. Non-invasive, painless, traceless, no recovery period.

3. Excellent pain relief effect: deep fever increases blood flow and activates cell function  

(No damage to nerves, muscles, bones, or skin)  

4. Improve immunity and body resistance  

5, improve detoxification, discharge function, enhance intestinal peristalsis, warm the palace, enhance skin elasticity  

6. Two output mode: movement vs. stationary treatment Movement Mode can slowly and evenly heat the epidermis. Stationary Mode can quickly heat the skin layer.

7. Using the positive and negative polar, a rapidly oscillating electromagnetic field causes movement (rotation) of water molecules within the tissue, leading to the generation of heat via friction.

8. High-frequency energy is penetrated into the body, producing heating from the deep skin layers, decomposing body fat, thereby achieving a shaping effect.

9. Through current flow of body, water molecule rotation, heat is generated in the tissue, heat improves the circulation and blood flow to the connective tissue, and the fat cells are turned in triglycerides.

(Good customer satisfaction: easy treatment, they can feel the effect on the spot)
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1 Measure,take photo.

2The back is close to the negative plate,apply the gel or product evenly to the operation area, the energy intensity adjust from 1 grade start, probe contact surface first cling to skin vertically, then press start, partially make small circles 3 times first,then make big circles 4 times, Finally, it ends with a lifting method. After the end, it needs to be paused, and the probe will leave the skin again.

3The entire operation process is 30 minutes at least , metal head operation 10 minutes, ceramic head operation 20 minutes

4Measure, take photo.

(Remarks: The temperature should not be set too high. If the temperature is too high, the epidermis will quickly heat up, and it will be difficult for energy to penetrate into the subcutaneous fat layer. Thin size: It is recommended that customers do not eat rice at night or eat less during the day. It is better to eat more fruits and vegetables.)

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