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Spa Salon Collagen Bed Photodynamic Therapy Red Light Therapy Bed

Item No.: 00732
1. Relieve the pain of muscle and joint.
2. accelerate healing of wound
3. improve our quality of sleep.
4. strengthen our brain.

Model W2400
Lamp Configuration 24PCS / 100W
Lamp Brand Cosmedico
Power 2400W
Session Time 15 - 20 Minutes
Voltage 110V - 240V
Weight 110 Kg
Dimensions 1950*880*1000 MM
Customized Service Light source, LOGO, OEM, ODM, Packge
Warranty 1 Year

What does a red light therapy bed do?

Red Low Light Bulbs penetrate the skin tissue to a depth of about 8-10 mm, making it beneficial in treating problems close to the surface of the skin such as scars, cuts, wounds, infections and the best of all – Anti-aging.

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